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Emboldened Our Belief!

Having worked with LaBeau Media in several collaborations to date, their level of professionalism and execution has been impeccable. As the Customer People, we pride ourselves in being people driven- “The customer is always King!”. LaBeau Media has not only run with this mantra but proved it is actually possible and emboldened our belief!

The Customer People
Top-Notch Agency!

LaBeau Media has been an intricate part of our start up. They have practically become our marketing department. From our brand new website, branding, our complex email automation workflows, creation of our eBooks and all our social media, we are so thankful how much they have been able to take the load off our team. The marketing materials they created for us are stunning. They are a top-notch agency with an incredible staff. Thank you for all that you do! We are looking forward to growing with you!

FXPro CopyTrade
A Phenomenal Platform!

LaBeau Media is a phenomenal platform I have had the privilege to work with at Divine Health. They have been instrumental in managing our social media platforms and digital space. Thanks to their expertise, we have kept our online customers not only responded to in a timely manner but satisfactorily as well!

Robert M.
  • Nutraplex

    LaBeau Media is extremely professional, efficient, and dedicated to providing quality marketing. We were amazed with the amount of detail and precision they took into building out our print collateral. They went above and beyond. If you are considering outsourcing your marketing, we recommend you do it with these guys!

  • Todd Tauscheck / Director of Operations At Divine Health

    Stacie and her team did an outstanding job managing our FB group page. Whether it was promoting our latest sale or answering health and wellness questions posted by our members, she acted with the utmost professionalism. I highly recommend her for your marketing needs!

  • Kellie Heckman / PhD, COO/CFO At Insurgent Campaigns LLC

    Highly recommend! Attention to detail and amazing work ethic. Complete confidence with their email marketing support and experience with Active Campaign.

  • Demetrius Harriso

    Good overall in depth knowledge of social media. Provides services that are indeed needed amongst small business. Personal experience was great. I enjoyed our professional relationship.

  • Patty Gable / Living Well Realty

    LaBeau Media is a terrific company and stands out above the rest. Love the attention to detail and stellar customer service.

  • VibraWav

    Very knowledgeable, consistent and thorough. LaBeau Media helped us navigate the waters through almost of decade of trade show events and demos. We required a lot of marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, banners, backdrops and flyers. As well as our sales email campaigns, social media and digital ads. With the combination of their staff being very informed in our industry and responsive, we have had one success after another! Thank you to their creative team, we are beyond satisfied! Simply the best!