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Media Buying

One platform to easily manage and optimize your ads, so your company can achieve sustainable growth.

What is media buying?


Media buying is an essential component of programmatic advertising, which is a type of digital advertising that involves the use of automated software to purchase and place ads online. By leveraging sophisticated algorithms and machine learning, programmatic advertising enables advertisers to target their ads to specific audiences with precision and effectiveness, in real-time and at a much larger scale than traditional advertising methods.


Our fully transparent self-service ad platform combines a standard programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP) and a Digital Out of Home (DOOH) allowing you to purchase ad space and time on digital platforms, such as desktops, mobile, CTV, audio streaming devices, billboards (elevators, highways, airports), etc. to target consumers in contextually relevant environments while they are on the go. We have negotiated the best prices with major third-party data publishers for ad space.


When you register to use our platform, you leverage our relationships with data providers and gain access to thousands of Audience Data, Behavioral, Contextual, Brand Safety, Viewability and Weather Targeting segments.


​Easy-to-track advertising gets you a higher return on investment. Media planning should be an important step, as it will help you get the most bang for your buck.​

How are we different?


We’ve built solid relationships with all of the major third party data providers with our media buying platform. Our strategies include programmatic, DOOH, Connected TV (CTV), Banner Ads, Video Ads, Native Ads, Audio Ads, and Foot Traffic Attribution. Access thousands of Audience Data, Behavioral, Contextual, Brand Safety, Viewability, and Weather Targeting segments.


Access premium global inventory and target your future customers across an array of devices. Any screen. Any budget. Measurable results.

Need help managing your ads? We can do that too.



2.4 Million Screens

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) by screen and powerful programmatic (2.4 million screens).

Huge Data Sets

Select from over 380,000 off the shelf third-party data sets.

Site List Targeting

Pick and choose the specific domains where you want your ads to be served.

Multiple Exchanges

Exchange - including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AppNexus, Index, Rubicon, Pubmatic, OpenX, and more!

Custom Audiences

Create custom audiences of users who have visited specific locations across the country in the past year.


Serve your ads across the web to users who previously visited your website no matter where they go. Keep them engaged and nurture their journey with this cost-effective way to drive conversions.

Hyper-Local Targeting

Focus on the geos most relevant to your brand with our hyper-local targeting (geo-target by venue, publisher, country, region/state, zip code, or latitude-longitude coordinates).

Foot Traffic Attribution

Ability to track and measure foot traffic on CTV, display, audio and more (by physical location) utilizing mobile advertising IDs and GPS systems of mobile devices. Drive customers to convert in-store and seamlessly measure the lift in traffic.

A new era in advertising. Transform your business today!

Access Premium Global Inventory & Target Ads Across Many Devices


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Banners Across Websites

Grow your business with banner ads! Banner ads are relatively low in cost when compared to other ad formats and ad types. Remarket with banner ads to get in front of visitors that left your website and didn't take any action. By using banner ads, you can encourage visitors to come back to your website and convert them into paying customers!

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Video Across Computers & Mobile

Online video can be layered with audience targeting, inventory targeting, and geo-targeting to reach your desired audience and drive engagement across all KPIs from CTRs and online conversions to Foot Traffic Attribution. Place your video alongside a relevant article or serve your video to your remarketing audience wherever they are browsing the web.

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Connected TV

Reach a highly engaged audience on the largest screens in their homes. From Smart TV applications to streaming devices such as Rokus, ads can be placed in 15, 30, or 60 second videos spots on your target audiences’ TVs. CTV ads run as video placements in either the pre-roll or mid-roll settings. These placements are non-skippable, and run across Smart TV’s, Game Consoles and Set-top boxes.

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Streaming TV on Tablets

Show your ads through internet-connected tablets that run within streaming TV content. Your ads will show either before or during the streaming TV content found on ad-supported networks and apps. Many viewers (your potential customers) are willing to sit through a few ad breaks here and there in exchange for free, or less expensive, premium content.

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Streaming Audio on Mobile

Serve across radio station channels, podcasts, streaming audio apps such as Spotify, and websites with audio advertising. Serve 15, 30, or 60 second audio ads across a variety of streaming services. With listen-through-rates over 95%, audio placements are great for driving brand awareness.

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Serve 15, 30, or 60 second audio ads across a variety of streaming services. With listen-through-rates over 95%, audio placements are great for driving brand awareness.

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Digital Billboards

Engage with consumers while they are on the go across a large format out-of-home (highway billboards, urban panels) in the United States and Canada.

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Gas Station TV

Drivers on average spend 5-10 minutes standing pumping gas. Show your ads on advertising displays that are placed on or near gasoline pumps.

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Taxi TV Screens

Show your ads on taxi TV screens. It is one of the most affordable methods to reach and build your brand. Digital displays allow you to fine-tune your message and reach major markets in metropolitan areas.

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Inside Bars

Cut through the noise and show your ads to bar patrons when they are most relaxed and more receptive to your message. Capture their attention and drive them toward your objectives by keeping them glued to their seats and focused on your message. Advertising inside bars makes it much easier to target and actually reach today’s on-the-go consumer.

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Inside Doctor Offices

Reach your target patient-facing audience by streamlining your advertising to show inside doctor offices, such as the waiting rooms and exam rooms.

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Native Ads on Websites

Ads blend in with the page in a way that makes them appear to be part of the surrounding editorial content. A powerful prospecting tool, Native ads reach new users in a way that feels natural and blends in to surrounding content. Drive high direct response rates, exposing users to the ad content without disrupting the flow of the user’s experience.

Full product service – no minimum spend.