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Paid Search

More leads, more sales, more profits. Exponential results.

Wouldn’t you like for your customers to find you?


While the formula of advertising sounds simple, there are many variables to take into consideration, such as splitting ad groups, refining landing pages and most importantly, developing key terms. Our team will research and create keywords that are strictly relevant to your business and will quickly lead to a high click rate at the aforementioned low cost. As your campaigns grow or evolve into new forms, our PPC team will assure your keyword list consistently adapts to these shifts in your business practice, while also eliminating expensive and under-performing keywords from the setup.


Pay-per-click offers unique opportunities to expand your customer base at an accelerated speed and connect with specific users looking for websites like yours. Since you are in front of the consumer at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service, PPC is a highly effective way to gain their business directly and immediately.

First Step

Campaign Setup

Based on analytics, landing pages and current campaign statistics.

Second Step

Budget Control

You have 100% control over the amount you want to dedicate to the campaign.

Third Step


Define campaigns along with ad copy, landing page recommendations and targeting methodologies.

Fourth Step


Utilizing geographic, demographic and language controls.

Fifth Step


Change bids, ads and landing pages based on short term performance indicators.

Sixth Step


Comprehensive overview of campaign performance and recommended adjustments to the project plan based on the results achieved.

Transform your bottom line with more leads at a lower cost.

Our Method

To meet your needs, our first step together will include:

Paid Traffic Assessment

After we carefully assess your current paid traffic efforts, we’ll then identify all the potential areas that could be generating more leads.

Development and Launch of Profitable Ad Campaigns

We start by defining the immediate business goals and target market. Then launch the most cost-effective paid traffic campaign possible within your budget. Next we design the campaign, manage bids, create landing pages and use keywords to target people who match your ideal customer profile, which will generate more and higher-quality leads. We are here for you and our services include ongoing campaign optimization.

Generate Targeted Qualified Leads

Every visitor who clicks on an ad is considered an investment and when visitors are not qualified potential buyers, they become an extra expense. This investment will pay off with strong, qualified leads by utilizing geographic, demographic and language controls that are targeted towards your ideal customers.

PPC Optimization and Tracking

After putting your Pay Per Click advertising plan into action, we will use analytics data to track its performance and identify potential areas for improvement to make your paid traffic plan even more effective.

Increase ROI on Paid Traffic

Using our services will increase your return on campaigns no matter the size of your budget. We will design and execute a PPC strategy to make the most out of your resources.